Tile Effect Wall Panels

Tile Effect Wall Panels

A great transitional piece from traditional tiles, our Versatile bathroom wall panels offer a hard-wearing cladding solution - ideal for bathroom, shower and wet room areas. Completely waterproof, our tile effect wall panels are made from a compact grade laminate core and a press plate is used to imitate the shape of real tile patterns on to the panel surface. Within our collection there are four available tile design options, all in varied colourways. Finished square edge as standard, all panels are produced 2440mm x 1220mm x 3mm.

What trims do I use with tile panels?

As our tile effect wall panels are all supplied square edge as standard, they must be joined with the assistance of our versatile panel trims.

Slimline in design, these have been custom designed to fit our panels with ease, ensuring a professional looking and seamless join.

Please note: Do not use our selkie/ ancona panel trims in combination with this product as their thickness varies significantly.

Click here for our full bathroom wall panels installation guide.

Can you put shower panels over existing tiles?

Yes, our bathroom wall panels can be placed directly on to any existing tile surface, as long as the walls are free from any residue and level.

Failure to check both of these details before any panel application could result in poor grip from your adhesive , as well as difficulty when joining panels together.

Is tile effect bathroom cladding better than tiles?

When comparing both finishes, tile cladding does have significant benefits over traditional tiles.

Not only is it easy to install by comparison, thanks to its ability to cover larger surface areas with one product, but it also avoids any grout requirements and is quick to clean.

Residue simply lies on the surface of these waterproof panels and can be removed with just a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Do you offer free samples of your bathroom wall panels?

Yes, you can order a7 offcuts for any of our panels.

Simply request through the relevant product pages on site or contact our customer service team via email (sales@rearo.co.uk) or phone 0141 440 0800.

Samples will typically be delivered to your address within two to five working days.

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