Perfect for both Bathroom and Kitchen ceiling cladding projects, our Ancona PVC panels provide both a hygienic and  watertight solution for your home.  Accommodating of humid conditions, this easy to clean surface has minimal maintenance requirements, making it the perfect finish for busy homeowners.

And, our pre-built tongue and groove system means a quick and simple fitting process - ideal for DIY enthusiasts and experienced tradespeople. Unlike painting or tiles, once installed, plastic ceiling panels do not need any further attention and naturally deter the build up of mould. Depending on your project requirements, choose from five décor options in either 2.7m or 4m lengths.

What are the benefits of plastic ceiling panels?

Bathroom ceiling panels have many advantages to offer your home. As well as their completely waterproof structure, our panels also provide insulation and prevent the build up of condensation and damp on your kitchen or bathroom ceiling. Exceeding the industry standard for pvc ceiling panels, our product's thick honeycomb structure makes for a robust strcuture - certified with a one year guarantee.

How do you fix ceiling panels?

It is easy to fix pvc ceiling panels in place, thanks to their simple tongue and groove system. A combination of panel adhesive, silicone sealant and screws is all that it required. And, our bathroom ceiling panels can be easily cut to shape with the use of standard joinery tools, such as a circular saw and router.

More information

Should you have any further queries relating to our ceiling panels or any of our other bathroom or kitchen surfaces, please get in touch with a member of our customer service team. Available Monday to Thursday (08:00am - 16:30pm) and Friday (08:00am - 15:30pm) our staff will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

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