Protective partition screens

With the installation of protective partition screens on your premises, you are not only ensuring the safety of your staff and customers but allowing business to continue during COVID-19.

700 x 500 x 250mm - £64.00   .   700 x 700 x 250mm - £69.00   .   900 x 700 x 300mm - £86.00

Lending to the shopper experience, the transparency of our screens allows for the same face to face interaction without any risk.

Accommodating of a variety of commercial settings, our screen range allows for three size options to select from.

Highly transparent synthetic material

Easy to assemble plug-in system

High resistance to disinfecting agents

Lightweight and easy to move

Immeadiately available

Gap for card machines/ interaction

Original Design

A simple click, plug-in system, our protective screens can be quickly assembled to form a sturdy structure. And, just as simply, screens can be taken apart and stored easily.

High Quality Material

Manufactured from a robust synthetic material, our screens are not only easy to maneuver, but also resistant to strong disinfecting agents.

Satisfaction Guarantee

For guaranteed peace of mind, we back all of our protective screens with a comprehensive one year guarantee. Subject to correct use and installation.

How does it work?