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Transform Your Bathroom with Premium Selkie Boards, the Finest Quality Shower Wall Panels in the North West of England

Embrace Selkie Boards for unparalleled luxury and supreme quality. Enjoy our enduring beauty and robust waterproof system that cheap plastic panels simply can’t match

UK Main Bathroom Panels   Superior Shower Board from Rearo
British Made here in the UK   Superior Rearo Selkie Board

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    Transform Your Bathroom

    With Selkie’s Solid Strength and 100% Waterproof system and Built to Last! 

    Experience British Excellence

    Selkie’s Locally Manufactured Panels Promise Unmatched Quality 

     Revolutionise Your Space 

    Quick Installation and Minimal Maintenance with Selkie Shower Panels 

    Feel the Texture, Trust the Durability

    Dive into Selkie’s Realistic and Robust Textured Surfaces Bathroom Solutions 

    Sustainable Luxury

    Eco-Friendly Selkie Panels with a 10 Year Guarantee – Safety & Style in One!

    Class 2 Fire Rating

    Plus Selkie Boards Offer the Ultimate in Elegance, Touch and Longevity

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    Elevate Your Bathroom With Selkie Board

    The perfect blend of style, functionality, and ease of installation. Achieve your must have bathroom that’s the envy of your friends. Our range of decors provide the inspiration or element of bling you were looking for whether it’s a feature walls or overall statement room. 

    Experience the ideal combination of style, functionality, and effortless installation. Create a stunning bathroom that will impress your friends. Our diverse range of decors offers the inspiration and touch of elegance you need, whether for a standout feature wall or a complete room makeover. 

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    View The Rearo Selkie Board Bathroom And Shower Panel Range

    Selkie Board is the ideal choice for kitchen and bathroom fitters, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a stylish, convenient bathroom renovation solution. Explore our Serene, Allure, and Inspire Collections. 

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    Our Premium Bathroom Boards: A Superior Alternative to Plastic (PVC Wet Wall Panels)

    Explore our diverse selection of surfaces, including Rearo Panels Tongue & Groove and Square Edge Exterior Grade MDF, available in a wide array of high-quality bathroom and shower panels. Our 11mm deep bathroom boards and shower panels come in various colours, styles, and textures, ensuring the highest quality finish.

    Selkie Broads   Tongue and Groove fitment   Rearo Panels
    Shower Panels   wood effect wet wall boards   Rearo Laminates
    Wet Wall Panels   Laminated waterproof bathroom panels by Rearo   UK MADE

    Rearo Panels – Discover the Excellence of Selkie Board Wall Lining Systems

    Selkie Boards, a flagship product from Rearo, stands as a paragon of quality in wall lining systems. Originating over two decades ago, this product has been a reliable choice for domestic and commercial environments alike, including prestigious clients like Ibis Hotels, Scottish Water, and the BBC. Renowned for transforming bathrooms and showers with its durable, stylish panels, Selkie Board is the top selection for renovations demanding both aesthetic appeal and longevity.

    Explore the Rearo Selkie Range

    Selkie Board is more than just a practical solution; it’s a design revolution for kitchens and bathrooms. With a robust exterior grade MDF core and a decorative laminate surface, these panels are crafted in Scotland to meet the highest quality standards. They offer an array of stunning finishes that breathe life into any space. 
    Designed for versatility, Selkie panels are perfect for wet wall and wet rooms, or dry installations. They provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional finishes like tiles, marble, or wood, offering a sleek look without the hassle of grout.

    Commitment to British Quality and Sustainability

    Proudly manufactured in the UK by skilled artisans at Rearo, a family-owned business with over 30 years in the industry, Selkie Board reflects a commitment to local craftsmanship and excellence. Every panel is sourced from sustainably managed forests, ensuring an eco-friendly product line that does not compromise on quality or safety.

    Selkie’s Rich Heritage and Innovative Design

    Named after the mythical Scottish creature, the Selkie, this product embodies the enchanting and resilient spirit of Scotland’s coastal folklore. Regularly updated by Rearo’s in-house design team, the Selkie range stays ahead of design trends, offering innovative textures and decors in its three collections: Serene, Allure, and Inspire. 

    Each collection is designed to fit a specific aesthetic: 
    Serene Collection: Perfect for creating a tranquil, minimalist space. 
    Allure Collection: Offers bold, trendy designs for a striking visual impact. 
    Inspire Collection: Features luxurious finishes like marble and contemporary concrete for a sophisticated flair.

    Unmatched Benefits and Easy Installation 

     Rearo Panels - Selkie Boards 10 year guarantee and 100% waterproof

    Selkie Shower Panels are celebrated for their:

    • 100% waterproof design ensuring durability and longevity.
    • 10-year guarantee that promises peace of mind.
    • Minimal maintenance requirements, offering ease of upkeep.
    • Simple, quick installation process that can also accommodate over existing tiles.
    • Selkie Boards are not only a practical choice but also safe, with a standard Class 2 fire rating and options for higher specifications on demand. Plus you can upgrade your board to class 1 or 0 fire rating.

    Transform Your Space with Selkie

    With Selkie by Rearo, enhance your bathroom with a blend of luxury, practicality, and environmental responsibility. Whether upgrading a residential bathroom or outfitting a large commercial facility, Selkie provides a high-quality, stylish solution that stands the test of time. Choose Selkie for your next project and experience a seamless blend of Scottish heritage and modern innovation.