Zenolite Sago Acrylic Gloss Kitchen Splashback

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2,600.00 (mm)
760.00 (mm)
4.00 (mm)

Product Overview

Zenolite Sago Acrylic Kitchen Splashback


  •  Lightweight, easy to install and maintain
  • Moisture resistant
  • High gloss, mirror like reflection
  • 25x the impact strength of glass


Enjoy the look of a glass splashback in your kitchen at a fraction of the cost, courtesy of our Zenolite Sago acrylic kitchen splashback.

Offering both style and simplicity, this light brown sheet can be easily cut and shaped to accommodate a variety of kitchen styles and is guaranteed to be up to 6x faster than tiles.

Suited to both Commercial and Domestic applications, Zenolite splashbacks boast high scratch and chemical resistance, as well as 25x the impact strength of glass.

And, as a bonus, all Zenolite products are supported by a 10-year warranty.

Each board measures 2600mm x 760mm x 4mm


How to install an acrylic splashback

Panels are supplied square edge as standard and utilise both panel adhesive and silicone sealant.

Before beginning your kitchen refurbishment we ask that all walls have been levelled completely and are dust free. We also suggest to lightly sand the non decorative face of your acrylic splashback for a better adhesive grip.

For a clean glass like appearance, sand, or polish edges, making use of our colour matched sealant to join panels together.

 For reference to our full installation guide, please head to our DOCUMENTATION section.


Chemical Resistance benefits of acrylic

Zenolite is an inert and very stable polymer and is resistant to Kerosene, Mineral Turpentine, lemon juice, Vinegar, Coffee, Soaps and most mild household cleaners.

It should not, however, be exposed to Acetone, Methylated Spirits, Glass Cleaners, Aggressive solvents

such as MEK or Toluene, Abrasive Cleaners.

Failure to comply with this guidance will result in voidance of the product warranty.


Maintenance of your acrylic kitchen splashback

Zenolite is easy to keep clean using warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth, chamois, or squeegee.

Zenolite’s hygienic, non-stick surface will not harbor the build-up of mould, bacteria, soap or calcium.

Due to the large size of the panels grout usage is eliminated.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review