Fenix NTM Worktops

Fenix NTM Worktops

Renowned for their unique, extremely opaque, soft touch surface - Fenix laminates are one of the most innovative materials within interior design. Boasting low light reflectivity, these super matte finishes are created via a unique electron beam curing process as opposed to bonding via heat.

The result of which makes any fenix worktop anti-fingerprint and also gives thermal healing properties - allowing superficial micro scratches to be repaired with the use of an iron. Browse this high tech material in 4m worktop lengths, in both our black Nero Ingo finish and white Bianco Kos design.
Matching splashbacks, upstands and breakfast bars are also available.

What is Fenix laminate?

Fenix is the name given to a branded version of high pressure laminate, developed using next generation acrylic resins to compete with solid surfaces.

Fenix surface characteristics include:

Low light reflectivity
Anti fingerprint technology
Thermal healing of superficial scratches
Extremely opaque soft touch finish

All of these above features are what define a fenix surface, compared to a traditional high pressure laminate.

What is Fenix worktop made of?

Fenix worktops are constructed from an MFC chipboard core, which is then faced in decorative HPL fenix laminate to the front and a compensator to the reverse. Our worktops are provided with one long edge finished and loose laminate edging to finish both short ends.

Is Fenix stain resistant?

Yes, Fenix is an extremely high performance material and has outstanding stain resistance properties. These laminate surfaces can withstand biro and felt tip pens, wax, foundations and greasy make-up residual, solvent marks, nail polish and spray lacquer to name a few materials. For further guidance, please click here and refer to our Fenix maintenance and care guide.

How do you clean Fenix laminate?

Most residue on a Fenix laminate surface can be removed with a warm damp cloth and kitchen degreaser. More stubborn stains may require the use of steam and/or acetone. For a more detailed instruction, please refer to the cleaning section within our maintenance guide.

How do you remove superficial micro scratches from Fenix laminate?

One of the most innovative materials within interior design, Fenix laminate is designed to be self-healing, thanks to its multilayer coating. Although the surface is extremely opaque, any apparent superficial scratches can be removed from fenix surfaces with the use of a magic sponge, paper kitchen towel and a spray of water. Once damp an iron should then be placed directly on top of the paper kitchen towel for a maximum of 30 seconds at 120°. Then wipe the surface dry with a paper towel or magic sponge.

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