What is the difference between a kitchen splashback and upstand?

Posted by Fiona Kennedy on 5th May 2022

What is the difference between a kitchen splashback and upstand?

If you've been in the midst of planning your latest kitchen refurbishment and finally concluded on your preferred laminate worktop, your next stop should be a matching splashback or upstand to complete the look.

But just what is the difference between both surfaces? And which is the perfect choice for your home?

In this latest blog we will highlight the key features of both and the role they'll play in protecting your kitchen walls from splashes and spillages.

Cream stone effect textured laminate worktop and matching splashback

Laminate kitchen splashback

Designed to cover the full wall area between your kitchen worktop and cabinets, laminate splashbacks are typically thinner by comparison to an upstand. Our standard offer is 8mm thick.

Offering full protection from splashes and spillages, they can be placed behind sink and hob areas. Their non porous surface means any dirt or grease can be easily removed with just a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Click here for our full splashback installation guide.

Black wood effect laminate kitchen worktop with matching upstand

Laminate kitchen upstand

Meanwhile kitchen upstands are used to form a short border around your worktops, sitting against its adjacent wall.

Providing minimal protection by comparison to a splashback, they serve more of an aesthetic purpose, creating a clean and professional looking finish to your worktop installation.

Click here for our full upstand installation guide.

marble kitchen worktop and upstand with white splashback

Using kitchen splashbacks and upstands in combination

However, if you like the look of both options and you are looking to avoid tiling, there is nothing to stop you using them both in combination.

Simply begin with your chosen splashback and then place your upstand in front, ensuring to seal any exposed edges with the use of silicone sealant.

Just one important thing to consider would be the increased thickness and the width you would then lose from your work surface area.

Grey worktop with gloss white marble splashback

Further information

Should you wish to discuss any of our upstands and splashbacks in more detail, please get in touch with a member of our customer service team via sales@rearo.co.uk or phone 0141 440 0800.