Using shower panel trims as a design feature

Posted by Fiona Kennedy on 30th May 2022

Using shower panel trims as a design feature

Traditionally serving the preliminary role of joining square edge wall panels together and in corner areas, to provide a professional and watertight seal, panel trims are often overlooked as nothing more than a tool of the bathroom trade.

However, their contrasting finishes can actually be an effective design feature when carrying out any renovations and we're here to prove how.

polished chrome wall panel end cap trim

What kinds of shower panel trims are available?

Whether you are using external or internal corners, a h-section (to join square edge panels) or an end cap (to cover exposed cores within shower areas). Within our standard shower wall panel trim offer we have polished chrome and satin adonised aluminium, as well as powder coated white and black options available.

All of which are expertly treated, to avoid rust or discolouring and have been hand selected to complement our Selkie, Nuova, Versatile and Ancona PVC wall panel ranges.

Grey gransasso marble shower panel with black panel trims

Which trims should I be using with my chosen shower panels?

However, there is a slight variance in width depending on the boards you have opted for (3mm vs 12mm) and so the wall panel trims that you select should match this.

Fortunately though, we have made the process a little easier and have included our shower wall panel brand names within the titles of each trim listed online - keeping things simple.

For reference, 3mm trims should be used with Versatile only, whilst our 12mm trims accommodate the requirements of the remaining ranges.

What other accessories do I need during a bathroom installation?

Other items to consider during installation include panel grip adhesive and our colour match silicone sealant.

Tried and tested by our own team, these are required to verify your product guarantee.

Click here for our full shower panel installation guide.

Carrara Marble and Pink shower panels with black panel trims

Framing out your wet room using wall panel trims

And now, having chosen your shower wall panel and trim combination, it's time to start the design process.

If you're planning to use the product in a traditional sense, then our black powder coated finish is great as a sophisticated border and works really well with neutral and pastel finishes.

Demonstrated in the fit-out above, using our Selkie Carrera Marble and Salmon Wave wall panels, these trims provide a clean finish that also provides a little character to the room.

In this instance we utilised tongue and groove wall panels for a consistent application across the length of the wall and chose to frame only corners, perimeters (ceiling & floor) and windows areas.

Blue bathroom with polished chrome h section panel trim

Using wall panels in combination

Alternatively, if you're looking for a modern landscape or half and half wall, then a H-section is a great tool to use and makes the process a lot quicker and easier.

In the above install we have split our Selkie Periwinkle and Abstract shower panels, making use of apolished chrome h-section trim for a seamless join.

Not only does this create the perfect finish, but the sheen from the trim complements the flat matte finish of both panels.

Further information

Ready to take on your next bathroom project? All of our shower panels and associated trims are in stock and ready to ship, with a standard lead time of between 2 and 10 days for delivery throughout UK mainland.

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