Opting for bathroom panels instead of tiles

Posted by Fiona Kennedy on 1st Sep 2021

Opting for bathroom panels instead of tiles

A modern alternative to tiles, bathroom wall panels have been growing in popularity in recent years.

Waterproof, stylish and with minimal maintenance requirements they offer the perfect surface options for your home.

Otherwise referred to as wet wall or shower wall, they offer a quick cladding solution to shower areas, wet rooms and bathrooms, transforming spaces in just a matter of hours.

But just what is shower wall and what benefits does it have to offer you and your bathroom?

What are bathroom wall panels?

In a generic sense, wall panels are large moisture resistant decorative boards/ panels which are typically supplied in heights of 2400mm with varying widths and thicknesses available.

Designed to accommodate bathrooms by cladding showers and bath areas, material options can consist of laminate, pvc and acrylic.

Panels are supplied as either square edge and joined with the use of trims or alternatively they will have a tongue and groove edge to form a seamless join across large wall lengths.

Extended range of colours and finishes

Much like ceramic tile, wall panels are very eye catching, with a multitude of colours and finishes available.

Across our own range of shower walls our style varies from matte and gloss options to raised 3D textures and patterns, with each collection having its own identity.

A quick and cheap alternative to tiles

Overall when weighing in the costs of materials, labour and maintenance, shower walls are a much more cost effective choice compared to tiles.

Supplied in full sheets/ panels they take up a larger wall area, reducing the labour requirements and associated time to your refurbishment.

Easy to install, shower walls are suited to both DIY enthusiasts as well as experienced tradespeople.

With no grout requirements and just a simple application of adhesive and silicone needed to attach panels to bathroom walls, bathrooms refurbishments can typically be finished within one day - as opposed to the three day wait with any bathroom tiles.

Hygienic surface

Wall panels all provide a hygienic bathroom surface, their non porous nature means that any soap residue just resides on the top level of your shower wall to prevent any stubborn stains.

To keep your bathroom walls like new, simply spray your wall panels after every use with mild detergent, wipe with a cloth and rinse using your shower head or alternatively a dry towel.

Choosing the shower wall for you

At Rearo, we offer a variety of shower panel solutions but how do you decide on the best option for your bathroom based on budget, requirements and style choices?

Ancona PVC wall panels

Our budget, PVC solution, Ancona panels are priced at £42.46 exc vat each. They are completely waterproof due to their material composition and offer a core range of 20 décors in matte and gloss.

These panels are tongue and grooved and 1m wide, meaning that they can be joined without the use of trims, making them the ideal solution for shower areas.

A quick fix solution, Ancona is ideal for any DIY enthusiast and is supported by a one-year guarantee.

Typically, we would recommend this product to first time buyers and rental properties.

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Versatile, tile effect shower panels

A hard-wearing bathroom solution, Versatile panels are made from a compact grade core and heat pressed to imitate tile patterns.

Available in four design options, all panels are produced 1.2m as standard and finished with a square edge.

All Versatile shower panels must be fitted together using our custom 3mm slimline panel trims.

Our sales team recommend these waterproof panels as a transitional product, introducing individuals to the wall panel market without taking the step away completely from tile.

Versatile allows for the look without the fuss or cost, priced at just £63.96 exc vat per panel and backed by a five-year guarantee.

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Selkie laminate shower panels

Our flagship range, Selkie Board is produced within our own UK manufacturing facility and offers an extensive range of 30+ laminate décors, as well as two core choices of MR MDF or plywood.

A high-quality waterproof wall panel system, Selkie board is supplied in 1.2m widths with complementary trims and colour match sealant for a seamless finish.

Select from either a tongue and groove or square edge option, with prices beginning at £105.47 exc vat per panel.

Selkie is considered an investment in your home, we would recommend that Selkie is installed by a professional to prevent any water ingress or damage.

All products are supported by a 10-year guarantee.

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Nuova laminate shower panels

Our latest shower panel offering, Nuova board is manufactured from a unique foam blend core and finished in decorative high-pressure laminate.

Nature inspired, our décor range is dedicated to authentic imitation stone and wood finishes.

Each board is supplied in widths of 1.18m as standard and guaranteed to be 100% waterproof - well suited for shower areas, as well as full bathroom or wet room applications.

Complementary trims and colour match sealant are available for all products in the collection.

We would recommend Nuova to shoppers with a taste for luxury and bold design. With prices beginning at £169.31 exc vat per panel it is the most expensive of our ranges.

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Further information on bathroom wall panels

We hope this guide has you convinced on making the move from bathroom tiles to wall panels, make sure to request your free samples via our product pages.

Or, for further assistance, get in touch with a member of our customer service team via sales@rearo.co.uk or call 0141 440 0800 where we will be more than happy to help.