How to fit a kitchen worktop

Posted by Fiona Kennedy on 19th Apr 2022

How to fit a kitchen worktop

Has the spring bank holiday gave you some time to think? Have you become inspired by a new butcherblock or white worktop, and now you're considering taking on your latest kitchen refurbishment by yourself?

The prospect of installing your own laminate worktop may seem quite daunting, however in this blog we plan to provide you with a step by step guide on how to fit a kitchen worktop - making the process both quick and easy.

Drill removing existing kitchen worktops

Step 1: Remove your existing laminate worktops

The first step in fitting any new work surface is to remove your old worktop - ensuring minimal damage to any cabinets already in place, as well as splashbacks, if these items are staying in situ.

Working from the underside of your laminate worktops, begin by removing any existing screws and fittings holding your current surfaces in place to your kitchen cupboards.

Once sitting loosely, then separate your laminate worktops from your walls, splashbacks or upstands by scoring through any silicone sealant with the assistance of a Stanley blade.

This should then allow your existing worktop to be removed freely.

Joiner measuring to fit laminate kitchen worktop with tape

Step 2: Measure your new kitchen worktops

With this area now clear you can begin the process of fitting your new surfaces, starting by measuring your required worktop length.

Butt your laminate worktop(s) against your kitchen walls, forming a 90 degree angle if using more than one, then marking out any cutting lines using a pencil.

Your new worktop(s) can then be cut to size using standard woodworking tools.

We advise you to always refer to our installation guide for information on whether to cut with your décor face up or down.

At this stage you would also then determine whether you would be utilising worktop trims or a mitre to join your laminate worktops, again marking out either a 45 degree angle or straight edge to suit.

Other items to consider include sink and hob cut outs.

white matte laminate kitchen worktop with grey gloss marble splashbacks

Step 3: Joining & securing your laminate worktops in place

When ready, you can then begin the process of securing your laminate worktops to the underside of your kitchen cabinets, with the help of brackets and round-headed screws. Always referring to the manufacturer's instructions.

If using more than one kitchen worktop, then surfaces should be joined prior to being secured.

Thereafter exposed edges and cut outs would then be sealed using our Colorfill colour match silicone sealant for a watertight finish.

dark brown wood effect worktop laminate edging strip

Step 4: Finish raw edges using a laminate strip

Now that your kitchen worktop is in place, there is just one last step required to achieve a professional look - finishing the edge of the worktop.

All of our kitchen worktops are supplied with matching laminate strips, which provide the perfect way to cover any exposed raw edges on either of your work surfaces short ends.

Full details of which can be found in our blog post regarding how to edge a kitchen worktop.


For further information regarding how to install laminate kitchen worktops, please get in touch with a member of our customer service team via or phone 0141 440 0800, where they will be more than happy to advise.