How to create your own freestanding kitchen island

Posted by Fiona Kennedy on 30th Jun 2022

How to create your own freestanding kitchen island

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, we're sure you'll have been inspired by the recent kitchen post we featured from our customer Melissa (@home_bym_fxx), which included a hand crafted, free standing kitchen island using own Senses White Yule breakfast bar worktops.

After an influx of questions from our followers on how to create their own, it felt only fitting that we crafted a handy step by step blog for reference amongst the keen DIY enthusiasts.

And it's not as complicated as you may have previously thought!

white marble effect freestanding kitchen island

Defining a freestanding kitchen island

Firstly let's clear up what exactly a kitchen island is. By definition it is the modern replacement for the traditional breakfast bar concept, however unlike a breakfast bar, a kitchen island typically stands freely in the middle of the room.

It is then down to the user whether its main function is to provide additional seating, extra storage or further food preparation space.

Due to their size, they are typically more common within larger kitchen spaces because of the width of the work surface.

So always make sure to measure up before investing in any tools!

circular saw cutting wood for kitchen island worktop

What tools will you need to make your own island unit?

However, if you find you have the space to accommodate your own, then lets get started.

You will require two/ three breakfast bar worktops depending on your height preference, a hand saw or circular saw, joining brackets, biscuit joints, screws and wood glue to carry out your install.

Freestanding kitchen island with grey concrete wall panel

How to put together a kitchen island structure

Once you have all your tools gathered you would determine your preferred island height and cut two separate supporting walls from one of your breakfast bar worktops to suit.

Thereafter you would create a 45 degree angle within top of both cut ends (one sloping to the left and one to the right) and repeat to the underside of your un cut breakfast bar worktop - allowing them to meet at an L shape when joined together.

When happy with the join, you can then secure in place with wood glue and biscuit joins, focusing on one side at a time and securing below with joining brackets.

After giving time for your kitchen island to dry you can then decide whether to add storage facilities and secure in place. It is important to note that base cabinets will make it a lot easier to secure your freestanding kitchen island to the floor.

Finally sand of your sharp edges lightly, being careful to not damage the laminate edge. 

White marble laminate kitchen worktop

Further information

Fell we've missed out on something? For any further questions you may have, please get in touch with our customer service team via or phone 0141 440 0800.