How to care for your laminate worktops in summer

Posted by Fiona Kennedy on 21st Jun 2022

How to care for your laminate worktops in summer

The long awaited summer season has finally arrived, those late evening strolls and mild temperatures, coupled with the occasional barbeque - it makes for the perfect season. But, have you spared a thought for those laminate worktops in your kitchen?

Increased heat exposure, direct sunlight and a higher risk of staining (barbeque sauce, we're looking at you) all play a role in affecting the appearance of your work surfaces.

However, fear not, this short and simple blog will cover the key things you should be doing to protect your worktops this summer - starting with sun exposure.

White net curtain in kitchen area to protect surfaces from sun

Reduce UV exposure to your work surfaces

UV rays can have a damaging effect on your laminate finishes, with direct light eventually causing 'bleaching' or colour change over time.

That is why we recommend in the summer months to introduce a soft mesh curtain, or similar material, to window areas to create a barrier between your laminate worktops and the sun.

By doing so, you are still taking advantage of the natural daylight in your kitchen, but ensuring the longevity of your chosen wood effect or marble surface.

wood effect laminate kitchen worktop with chopping board

Never cut directly on to laminate kitchen surfaces

And as well as sun exposure, food preparation is another area where due care needs to be taken.

Our square edge work surfaces may look like the perfect place to start chopping up those onions, but sharp knives can permanently scar your laminate worktops. And only our thermal healing Fenix worktops have the ability to repair superficial micro scratches.

That is why you must always use a chopping board to protect your surfaces.

White laminate kitchen worktop with bowl of fruit

Clean stains and spillages from your worktops as soon as possible

And finally, although naturally water resistant and non porous, prolonged exposure to certain spillages can result in staining of your kitchen worktops.

Therefore it's always important to clean up as soon as possible. Just a simple wipe down with a damp cloth and mild detergent will keep your laminate surfaces looking like new.

Grey marble effect laminate kitchen worktop

And there you have it, the three top tips you should be applying in your home this summer to ensure your beautiful laminate worktops stay like new!

Further information

For any further information regarding caring for your laminate kitchen worktops, please refer to our worktop maintenance guide.

Should you have any more questions, then please contact our customer service team directly via or phone 0141 440 0800.