Caring for White Kitchen Worktops

Posted by Fiona Kennedy on 10th Aug 2021

Caring for White Kitchen Worktops

How to care for white kitchen worktops

Cleaning laminate worktops may seem like a daunting prospect, particularly for white décors, however daily maintenance only requires warm water, a damp microfiber cloth, and a spray of mild detergent.

But how do you ensure your white worktops remain in the same pristine condition as the day you bought them?

Here are our pointers on some of the most frequently asked questions regarding cleaning and caring for laminate countertops.

How to remove stains from white laminate worktops

It really is a matter of time when it comes to the effectiveness of removing stains - the quicker you are in responding to them, the less likely they are to cause permanent damage to your kitchen worktop.

Most spills and marks can be catered to through a quick wipe down, but when it comes to stubborn stains and discoloration through long exposure to a product such as tea or coffee then other methods need to be used for cleaning laminate worktops.

Tea/ Coffee stains & fruit juice

For drink-based staining we would recommend the use of bleach and washing up liquid, however, we advise that this isn't done too frequently as it could lead to damage itself on the white laminate worktop surface.

Natural cleaners also include lemon juice, white vinegar, or a baking soda and water mix.

Crayons/ Felt Pens/ Lipstick/ Nail Varnish

In the family home, these can be removed with the assistance of organic solvents such as nail varnish remover, methylated spirits, petroleum spirits, and perchloroethylene. Reference should always be made to the manufacturer's guide before applying to a worktop surface, however.

Repairing burns on laminate worktops

Common occurrence due to the misplacement of hot pots and pans, heat damage is permanent on a laminate surface and burns can only be repaired through the use of sanding or by replacing worktop sections.

If replacement is not an option for you then your next option would be to minimise the appearance of the surface burn.

With the use of baking soda, a toothbrush, and a damp rag you can reduce the discolouring on your white worktop and prep the surface for sanding.

Once the burn has been buffed slightly you will then be able to see the area which needs to be covered.

In some instances, our colorfill sealant may prove a cost-effective solution to return smaller areas to their original white base. This can be easily spread with the use of a spatula and has been colour matched specifically to each of our worktop ranges.

However, we always recommend purchasing our self-adhesive worktop protector rods alongside your worktop to avoid the risk of such damage entirely.

How to keep white gloss worktops streak-free

In reality, it's a build-up of a cleaning agent or the drying process that causes streaks on a gloss laminate surface.

Our suggestion would be to use the Unika worktop cleaning kit, available to buy direct from us.

An everyday specialist cleaner, it tackles grease and grime, to keep laminate surfaces at their best.

Another great tip for removing drying marks from your gloss white worktop is to utilise Windolene and kitchen towel - perfect for that smooth, streak-free finish.

More information on how to clean laminate countertops

For further information on care and maintenance, head to our worktop documentation page.

Should you require any more details regarding any of our white worktop offers, please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our kitchen team.