Senses Industrial Stone Laminate Kitchen Worktop

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Product Overview


  • High-quality decorative laminate in matte finish
  • Contemporary square edge design
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Hygienic surface

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A fashion-forward choice, our Industrial Stone décor has a rugged yet sophisticated character.

Inspired by concrete surfaces, this grey laminate worktop is smooth to the touch and features a stylish abstract pattern for an authentic urban, industrial feel for your kitchen.

Supplied in an on-trend square edge, our worktop also has matching splashbacks, upstands, and breakfast bar worktops/ kitchen islands available.

How to style a concrete laminate worktop

We always recommend pairing concrete effect laminate with darker shades of kitchen cabinets to let the worktop be the focus of your kitchen.

We suggest opting for matte over gloss to complement the worktop surface.

Matte finishes are the choice of the modern home and can cause even the boldest of colours to be slightly muted and understated.

Our personal favourites to match with concrete laminate worktops include black, navy blue, and also emerald green.

Is laminate a quality material?

As laminate fabrication specialists for over 20 years, we cannot recommend laminate enough, there are several areas in which it supersedes real stone worktops.

Compared to quartz or solid surface worktop, laminate finishes are much quicker to install, due to their lighter weight and they are also a lot easier to maintain.

Stone requires sanding and specialist tools for repair whilst a laminate needs only a damp cloth and mild detergent.

And, laminate has built-in anti-bacterial properties which prevent the growth of viruses such as E-coli, providing a hygienic kitchen environment.

We are that confident in our products we certify them with a 10-year guarantee.


Accessories required for a concrete effect worktop

With the help of our bespoke match ColorFill sealant and spatula when joining two mitred worktops together, you can ensure a professional finish.

Custom-matched to each of our laminates, this sealant cures to the colour of the worktop to ensure an inconspicuous join.

Or alternatively, for a quick fix, we also stock a range of worktop trims with our kitchen accessories section - ideal for DIY.

We also suggest our self-adhesive heat protection rods to protect your worktop surface from any damage by cooking pots and pans.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review