Heritage Driftwood Grey Oak Wood Worktop

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£103.14 - £153.04
Delivery within 2-10 Days
We cannot guarantee that your computer screen accurately represents this product’s colour/ texture and we recommend that you request a FREE physical sample to see how it looks and feels in your own home. Click the SAMPLE REQUEST button above.
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Product Overview


  • Decorative face to front and back of the worktop
  • Decorative edging to all four sides of the worktop (square edge option)
  • Realistic wood effect laminate finish
  • Furniture grade chipboard core
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Drip resistant seal

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A contemporary grey tone, our driftwood grey oak worktop offers a new take on a classic wooden kitchen style.

By incorporating organic influences into your home, you bring a sense of warmth and luxury.

With its thick, solid edges our oak effect laminate worktop gives you the appearance of solid wood and also great protection with low maintenance requirements.

Prices begin at just £98,70, with several thicknesses and size options.

Matching Splashback, Upstand, and Breakfast Bar options are also available, these can be found within the kitchen Splashbacksworktop upstands, and breakfast bar worktops section under our shop navigation.

What colours go with a grey oak effect laminate worktop?

Scandinavian-inspired, Grey oak has become a go-to tone for kitchen interiors.

Lighter and softer shades accentuate your worktop and can be used to create contrast with your kitchen cabinets and units to add depth.

Pairing perfectly with blues, it's down to personal preference whether you would like a colder pastel shade or instead opt for a dark Royal Blue.

How does oak effect laminate compare to solid wood worktops?

Laminate is a truly versatile material, possessing an enduring quality of style and functionality.

Not only will your worktop impress for its look and feel but it also boasts anti-bacterial qualities, whilst requiring minimal maintenance, protecting your home against leading bacteria spreading viruses such as E-coli.

Laminate kitchen worktops also avoid any requirement for further treatment once installed, unlike solid wood which needs to be oiled regularly.

And, unique to the range, Heritage worktops are supplied as standard with decorative laminate to the front and back of the panel. Not only does this minimise the impact of any damages, but also allows for multiple applications of your worktop - including a free-standing design.

We're that convinced, all of our Heritage products are covered with a lifetime warranty.

Accessories required for a grey oak worktop

For a professional result, we recommend the use of our bespoke match ColorFill sealant and spatula when joining two mitred worktops together.

Alternatively, for a quick fix, we also stock a range of worktop trims with our kitchen accessories section.

One-metre edging strips are also available to buy to cover any exposed edges should you need to cut the length of your selected worktop.


Find your local depot

 Visit one of our kitchen showroom locations to see our oak effect laminate worktops in person.

We have locations in Glasgow, Rosyth, Washington, and Northampton, all with knowledgeable staff who are more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

Or, if you're not local to any of our locations, simply request a free laminate sample for your desired worktop through our product pages.

When could I expect delivery of grey oak worktops?

All of our showroom locations have their own dedicated stock and fulfillment team, meaning we can typically deliver any laminate worktops within 2-10 days from purchase.

For more information, please head to our Delivery FAQ page.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review