Senses Carrara White Marble Laminate Worktop

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£103.14 - £169.59
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600.00 (mm)
3,600.00 (mm)
38.00 (mm)
Square and Rounded Choice
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Product Overview


  • Authentic marble design in high-quality decorative laminate
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Hygienic, easy to clean surface

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A cornerstone within interior design, Carrara Marble has been a style staple for decades.

Accommodating both traditional and contemporary looks with its opulent pattern and neutral white base colour, this white marble décor is both versatile and stylish, making it a popular choice for kitchen areas.

This refreshing white marble effect laminate worktop has the ability to open up rooms and give the impression of space, in even the smallest of kitchens, and can be styled with virtually any colour.

Depending on your preference our white marble, Carrara worktop décor is available in either a 25mm square edge or 38mm rounded/ post-formed edge.

Senses laminate worktops carry a 10-year guarantee against all manufacturing defects subject to normal usage and correct installation.

What are the benefits of marble effect laminate?

As well as the obvious price comparison to a real stone marble, laminate has a range of other benefits.

Manufactured within the UK, our quality matte finish promises both quality and great value.

With a built-in protective melamine overlay, surfaces are shielded from scratches caused by light domestic use - ensuring the longevity of your product.

Laminate worktops also boast anti-bacterial qualities and will prevent the growth of many common kitchen bacteria with only minimal maintenance requirements.

Visit our blog on caring for your white worktops to find out more.

Should I choose a square edge or post formed worktop edge?

When it comes to white worktops, the edge you choose is typically just down to personal preference.

Your worktop textures could play a role in your decision making though.

Both offer the same high-quality finish and watertight seal.

However, it is the slimline square edge worktop that has been become the popular choice in modern kitchen installations with its contemporary angular shape.

Whereas our post-formed edge (or rounded) option has been the traditional kitchen choice for several years.

Sturdy and robust, the increased thickness of this style is best suited to those looking for a homely/ country feel. We recommend this finish for wood style décors, for a more natural-looking finish.

Whichever style you choose you are sure to find the perfect worktop for your kitchen.


What accessories are required for a white marble worktop?

For a professional result, we recommend the use of our bespoke match ColorFill sealant and a spatula when joining two mitred marble worktops together.

Uniquely matched to each of our white worktop options, this ensures minimal visibility of joins on the laminate surface.

Alternatively, for a quick fix, we also stock a range of worktop trims with our kitchen accessories section.

And for shortened lengths, we also stock matching edging for each of our worktops.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review