'Noce Canya Dark' Walnut Laminate Worktops

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£77.22 - £134.44
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640.00 (mm)
4,100.00 (mm)
29.00 (mm)
Square Edge

Product Overview

  • 10-year guarantee
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean and fit
  • Anti-bacterial surface


Known for their deep, rich brown colour, walnut laminate worktops ooze luxury and our Noce Canya Dark décor is no different.

An authentic natural wood texture, our square edge laminate worktop offers a timeless finish for your kitchen - creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Choose from either a 4.1m or 2m length.


Free samples

Get a feel for our kitchen worktops with the help of our free sample service.

Delivered straight to your door, within two to five working days, these laminate chips will allow you to get a true feel for our walnut worktops and gives you the ability to test them out under various lighting options.

Click here for your free walnut laminate worktops sample.


How long should laminate worktops last?

If you follow the guidelines with our Senses laminate worktops care and maintenance instructions your worktop should last an average of 10 to 15 years, that is why we certify all of our Senses range with a 10-year guarantee.

The main things to ensure you avoid are:

  • Placing hot pots and pans on the laminate worktop surface. The heat will result in blistering and/or scarring
  • Cutting with sharp knives during food preparation minus a chopping board on top of your kitchen worktops
  • And, incorrectly or failing to seal joins and cut outs with silicone sealant


How do you clean walnut laminate worktops?

Laminate worktops offer a low maintenance option for your kitchen, most residue can be easily removed with the help of just a damp cloth and mild detergent.

And, if you require a most intense clean of your laminate worktop surface, a soft nail brush is great for getting in between raised surface textures.


What colour goes with walnut worktops?

Due to their dark base colour, it is best to either equally match the intensity of the colour on instead go for a neutral shade that is complementary to most finishes.

Our Head of Design's personal favourites include a warm burgundy or wine shade, cream and also navy blue.


What are edging strips used for?

Edinging strips are additional lengths of matching laminate which are used to cover exposed short lengths on your laminate worktop and can typically be applied with the use of a Unika Mitre Pen Kit or Unika Worktop Adhesive Tap.

Once installed they will then be required to be cut to size using a Stanley blade and then filed at an angle to form a professional looking finish with your walnut effect laminate worktop.

Each worktop is supplied with 2m of additional laminate edging, however ABS edging is available to buy separately.

For further guidance, please refer to our Senses worktop installation guide.


Further information

For further information regarding our extensive range of kitchen worktops online, please get in contact with a member of our customer service team via sales@rearo.co.uk or phone 0141 440 0800.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review