What are the bathroom trends for 2022?

Posted by Fiona Kennedy on 6th Jan 2022

What are the bathroom trends for 2022?

With every new year comes a brand new set of interior design trends and 2022 is no different. We sit down with our own Head of Design, Fiona Kennedy, to ask all things bathroom and narrow down on the trends you should be implementing in your home for the year ahead.

Whether it's bathroom walls, vanity unit worktops, ceilings or floors, consider this blog to be your key to bathroom design for 2022.

Become inspired and have the confidence to create your dream living space for the new year.

So Fiona, 2022 has been a little different in terms of trend forecasting with the limitations on in-person events due to the pandemic, do you feel this has impacted on what designers are showing?

I definitely feel that the pandemic has caused everyone to review their way of working, material shortages and price increases have encouraged frugality from both customers and businesses.

This paired with a heightened interest in eco matters, following COP26, has seen sustainability become a major talking point across many designers collections and has also encouraged the re-purposing of many items.

As well as this, there is an increased desire for the outside and so biophilia is also a hot topic for any interior designer.

And all of these are pretty evident within the latest bathroom trends.

Interesting, we'll make sure to check out these looks. Are you ready for us to do a quick fire round of some of the most asked questions relating to bathroom trends for 2022?

Certainly, I'd love to pass on whatever knowledge I can to help our customers create their dream bathroom.

What colours are in for bathrooms in 2022?

Muted earthy hues of brown and orange, alongside green and other shell colours such as blue, purple and pink all form the colour palette for 2022.

Pantone's own colour of the year is 'Veri Peri', which they describe as a vibrant shade of periwinkle blue with energizing violet-red undertones

We recommend using these colours on your on bathroom walls with the assistance of the following shower panels: Selkie Perwinkle Shower Panel, Violet Mistral Laminate Shower Panel & Selkie Sage Shower Panel .

Provincial bathroom vintage style trend 2022

Which interior design trends are in for 2022?

Sustainability promotes minimalism and the use of natural materials, most commonly associated to Scandinavian style. However there also seems to be place for the decadence of provincial style - possibly linked to the rising popularity of antiques and second hand shopping in recent years.

Both are easily applied to bathroom areas.

Scandinavian bathroom style

Originating in northern Europe, Scandinavian style derives from the 1950s and takes its aesthetic from nature and spending time outdoors. Key elements include wood finishes and live plants, alongside cosy textures such as chunky knits and faux fur.

Product recommendations: Clixeal Natural Oak flooring, Clixeal Traditional Vintage Oak flooring & Selkie Cappuccino Shower Panel

Provincial bathroom style

Warm, friendly and rustic, provincial style represents the return of the retro style bathroom . Known for its introduction of soft pastel shades, ornamental furniture and porcelain, this luxury aesthetic can create a statement in your bathroom.

Product recommendations: Clixeal Lomond Pine Flooring, Selkie Carrera Marble Shower Panel & Selkie Salmon Wave Shower Panel

Lomond Pine light oak click vinyl flooring for bathrooms

What flooring is in for 2022?

If you are just looking to update certain surfaces, as opposed to a full bathroom overall, changing your flooring is a great way to update your home. Our own range of click vinyl has great water resistant properties and has built-in insulation.

Mid-tone woods and concrete flooring are both in for 2022, which are both particularly complementary to our extensive range of shower panels.

White subway tile effect bathroom panels

What are the tile trends for bathrooms in 2022?

Although we do not stock tiles, our tile effect shower panels cover all of the latest interior trends within this market.

Subway tiles, herringbone and patterned finishes, as well as larger tile formats are predicted as the key trends for 2022 - focusing on soft matte finishes.

Make sure to look out for our new collection in the spring.

Matte black bathroom tap with white gloss shower panels

What finish should I choose for my bathroom taps?

There is ongoing debate between both copper and matte black finishes as being the favoured finish for bathroom taps in 2022, however it looks like dark mattes have won the battle.

Rattan bathroom trend 2022

What accessories should I be considering for my bathroom?

Indoor plants for one, I think anyone can observe the uptake in these and how widespread their availability has become. Giving you the ability to de stress, whilst purifying the air within your home, they make for the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Other than this, make use of sustainable materials when choosing rugs and towels - rattan furniture always looks great in a bathroom setting.

Thanks Fiona, we'll make sure to have a think about those refurb plans, we're excited about the bathroom trends that 2022 has to offer.


We hope that we have covered some of your main queries around how to decorate your bathroom in 2022, make sure to keep up to date with us on Facebook , Instagram & YouTube for all of our latest styling advice.