How to style marble wall panels

Posted by Fiona Kennedy on 10th Sep 2021

How to style marble wall panels

Opulent and stylish, marbles have dominated the bathroom interiors scene for decades - firstly introduced as an expensive real stone tile format and now available as an affordable marble effect wall panel, with various material options.

Voiding any requirement for grout and completely waterproof, they provide a great cladding option for your bathroom or shower area, which is not only easy to install but also quick to clean.

Across our Selkie, Nuova, Ancona and Versatile panel collection we offer a variety of marble effects and in this latest blog our Head of Design is going to provide her best styling advice on how to work with marble and introduce it within your home.

What colour of marble effect should I choose for my bathroom?

Our marble effect wall panels tend to stick to shades and tones as opposed to colour, however there are still a lot of style questions to address when selecting from classic Carrara and Calacatta marbles to various grey shades, as well as our new black marble laminate design - Palazzo.

The size of your bathroom will play a large part in the decision you make.

For smaller spaces, looking to clad with just one single marble effect, we would always suggest to opt for our white marble or light grey marble options - not only will this widen the room but will also improve light quality.

Meanwhile black marble is the perfect way to make a larger bathroom feel a lot cosier and connect better with it's fixtures, fittings and accessories.

And, the best thing about our panels marble effect? Because none of the shades or tones appear on the colour wheel they are complementary to virtually any finish, meaning you have endless styling opportunities.

Top tip: Emphasise lighter bathroom panels with the assistance of black panel trims, creating a frame around the perimeter of each board.

How to achieve harmony when combining marble effect wall panels?

Why stick to just one marble option when you can combine multiple bathroom wall panels for a truly unique finish.

When used in combination, light marble and dark marble can be used to extend the length or width of a room by making use of feature panels.

We recommend selecting a white marble as your base colour and then opting for a grey marble or black marble finish to pair with.

What flooring should I pair my marble bathroom wall panels with?

As discussed above, there is nothing to stop you pairing your marble panels with a marble effect floor.

Our own Selkie brochure front cover features our black marble (Palazzo) alongside our Jura Carrera Marble Flooring for a stunning, eye catching contrast.

Alternatively you can opt for a plain tile floor and achieve the same results.

A lighter floor with darker panels will extend the height of a room, meanwhile a dark floor with a light wall will emphasise the space given by a white or grey wall panel.

Accessorising white marble panels

White has always been favoured within bathroom design, thanks to its association with hygiene and freshness, however it can be seen as a bland option.

With simple introductions of both texture and colour you can see the contrast we have been able to create with our Ancona White Marble PVC panel above, livening up an all white space.

Although sticking to a fairly neatutral palette of grey, we create a focal point in the room with the accent green coming from the plant.

Meanwhile the textures of our Antique White Oak wood flooring, faux fur rug and grey woven blanket, add dimension to the room, preventing it from falling flat.

We recommend experimenting to see what works for you.

Find the full white marble style edit on our Pinterest page.


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