How to fit shower panels

Posted by Fiona Kennedy on 17th Jun 2022

How to fit shower panels

Installing your own shower wall panels may seem quite a daunting prospect, but it is relatively straightforward to do, with just a few tools required to carry out the job. Although, we're not saying that critical errors aren't impossible!

Therefore, the level of investment you have made on your panel purchase is something to consider before grabbing your silicone tubes.

Due to their higher price point, we always suggest using a joiner for our Selkie or Nuova laminate wall panel ranges.

However our Ancona pvc panels or Versatile tile effect range are great if you are planning to carry out the job yourself.

Simply follow the steps below for a professional looking finish in a matter of hours.

Begin by prepping your bathroom wall for application

When starting your bathroom renovation, the first step is preparing your walls for panel application, removing any existing wall coverings - ensuring they are clean, level and free from any residue.

However we do not recommend direct fixing of our shower wall panels to masonry, cement or plastered surfaces, no matter how flat and well finished. Instead we would suggest using timber batons between both surfaces.

And, if working with existing tiles, we always advise to lightly sand the surface and wipe with a damp cloth to adhere to the above guidelines.

By doing so you are guaranteeing a better grip from your chosen panel adhesive and ensuring your wall panels will lie flat against the surface, providing a neat join.

Grey matte textured finish laminate shower panel in bath area

Installing shower panels to your bathroom wall

Once prepped you can then begin on installing your chosen shower panels. The process remains relatively the same, whether it is a shower area or wet room you intend to clad.

Starting with a corner area, place an internal trim in situ and secure in place with the use of silicone and screws. This will then allow you to begin fitting your first panel in place.

Joiner cutting shower wall panels to size using saw

Cutting shower boards to size

Although our panels are designed to accommodate most standard bathrooms, they may be required to be cut to size in some instances. You can do so with the help of a jig-saw (cut decorative face down) or a standard hand saw (cut decorative face up).

Sticking shower panels to your walls

Once cut, you can then attempt a dry fit to check your measurements and if happy secure the panel in place.

Apply a bead of silicone within your internal trim and also a bead of panel adhesive around the perimeter to the back surface of your panel, along with a grid (approx 300mm squares) covering the full area of the panel. Thereafter slotting it in to position.

If fitting within a shower enclosure, your wall panels should utilise ‘packers’, leaving a 3-4 mm gap from the base of the wall panel to the top edge of the shower tray - this would then be filled in with silicone when dry.

Grey colour match silicone sealant for shower panel installation

Joining wall panels together

Once your first panel is secure, you can then continue with the rest of your fit-out - the process will be determined by whether you are using square edge or tongue and groove shower panels.

Grey stone effect square edge shower panels

Square Edge shower wall panels

If using square edge wall panels, you would continue the above process using our h-section joining trims - applying one end of the trim to the installed panel with silicone sealant and securing the other side in place with screws. Repeating the process for the length of the bathroom where required.

Grey stone effect tongue and groove shower panels

Tongue and groove shower wall panels

Similarly tongue and groove joints will use the same process as above, however as this feature is built in they do not require trims and panels simply slot in to one another to provide an inconspicuous join.

Again you would repeat this process as required, finishing off any exposed edges or framing off floor or ceiling areas with the assistance of our end caps,

grey marble effect bathroom shower panel

Cleaning your wall panels post install

Once installed, shower panels require minimal maintenance. They should be cleaned using a mix of warm water and a non-abrasive mild detergent. Scouring products or similar products should not be used, and doing so may invalidate your guarantee.

For matte surfaces, to guarantee a streak free shine, a wipe down with windolene and kitchen towel provides the perfect finish.

Further information regarding bathroom panel installation

All of the above should provide a quick summary of the best way to install your shower panels, for more intensive instructions, please Click here for our full shower panel installation guide.

For further information please get in touch with a member of our customer service team via or phone 0141 440 0800.