Selkie 'Palazzo' Black Marble Shower Panels

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£147.58 - £203.45
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1,200.00 (mm)
2,420.00 (mm)
11.00 (mm)
We cannot guarantee that your computer screen accurately represents this product’s colour/ texture and we recommend that you request a FREE physical sample to see how it looks and feels in your own home. Click the SAMPLE REQUEST button above.
The Selkie Brochure, Fitting instruction and Maintenance Guides are all available in one PDF for you to view or download. Click on the 'DOCUMENTS' link below.
Decorative Face width 1180mm
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Product Overview

  • Waterproof shower solution
  • Made in UK
  • Backed by a 10-year guarantee
  • Easy to install with limited maintenance required


With a name deriving from Italian royalty, our Selkie black marble ‘Palazzo’ shower panel oozes luxury with its deep black tone and decorative marble veins.

A true statement piece, it represents both luxury and style.

Manufactured in Scotland to the highest standards, our marble panels offer a modern alternative to tiling for bathrooms, shower areas and wet rooms.

Black marble wall panels are sold individually and measure 2420mm (height) x 1200mm (width) x 11mm (thickness).

Price will depend on the core and finish selected.

All Selkie products are supplied class 2 fire rated as standard; however, they can be tailored for Class 1 or Class 0 if required.

Free marble wall samples

Unsure on the perfect marble effect for your bathroom? We offer a free sample service across our full wall panel range.

Simply request online and your order will be sent directly to your home address. Delivery typically takes between two and five days.

Click here to request your free black marble laminate wall panel sample

Other marble effect panels

As well as our black marble option, we also stock a variety of grey marble finishes, as well as white. 

Our Selkie wall panel range offers a variety of matte finishes, meanwhile for gloss finishes, our Ancona pvc panels is the best choice.

Our top choices include our Carrera Marble, Calacatta Marble, Gransasso, Light Grey Marble and Grey Marble panels.


Are marble wall panels cheaper than marble tiles for your bathroom?

When considering time and labour, as well as material costs, marble wall panels do work out to be more cost effective than tiles for your bathroom.

On average a tile fit out can take up to three days to install, meanwhile a wall panel install can be completed over a matter of hours.

And, with no requirement to grout, upkeep costs are also kept at a minimum.

Wall panels offer an easy to clean surface which only needs to be wiped down with a cloth and mild detergent.


Which edge should I choose for my wall panels?

Selkie panels are available in both a square & tongue and groove edge.

Square edge panels are clean cut and must be joined via trims (found within our bathroom accessories section), these are most typically used to complete shower areas.

Meanwhile, Tongue and Groove panels are designed to slot in seamlessly to each other, allowing for panels to be applied to larger wall spaces without disruption.

Please note: During a Tongue and Groove panel installation, Selkie colour match sealant must be used on all joints.


What is the difference between plywood and mdf?

In general, the difference comes from the structure of both materials. Plywood is the traditional choice, made from multiple layers of natural thin veneer that are glued together.  Meanwhile, MDF is engineered by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, which are then combined with wax and resin to create a smooth surface.

Typically, MDF costs less than plywood, due to its manmade structure, however both materials boast the same waterproof qualities.


Accessories you may need 

There are a wide range of corner and edging trims available to finish your panels to perfection. Choose from a satin anodised, white powder coated, black powder coated or a luxury polished aluminium effect to achieve your perfect finish. These Selkie/Ancona range trims can be found in the Accessories section of this website - click on the Wall Board Trims category.


For a 2 panel corner sited shower you will require: 1 Internal Corner and 2 End Cap trims.

For a 3 panel 'U' shaped enclosure you will require: 2 Internal Corners and 2 End Caps.

You may also want to consider using a Panseal Kit also available in the Accessories section, to seal the bottom joint between panels, bath edges and shower trays. Many fitters prefer to sit the panels onto the shower tray and use silicone to seal, but as it is essential to prevent water ingress we recommend using the Panseal Kit to give you a better, longer lasting seal with a cleaner, more aesthetic finish.

And don't forget to order your silicone sealant and wall panel adhesive - also available in the Accessories section.


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